Letters From Readers

Since Bebe and Poppy made their debut, they have traveled quite a distance. They have been seen in several cities in California, Washington State, Arizona, Texas, Ohio, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, Georgia, Hawaii, Japan and New Zealand. Not bad for a couple of lizards, it must be those tennis shoes that help them travel so far, so fast!

Letters of sightings are streaming in:

"I just finished reading "Why Lizards Wear Tennis Shoes" and enjoyed it very much . . . the pictures are adorable and have so much personality. I find it a perfect book to read to little ones . . . This book is an excellent opportunity to instill into children good values and to recognize what is important to them.

Irene Edmonds – Bakersfield, California

Grace loved "Why Lizards Wear Tennis Shoes. She took it to school to share with her friends . . . it wound up on Reading Buddy Day with the 5th and 6th graders. The older kids each took turns reading a page of the book to the 1st graders! Her teacher said that the kids loved the illustrations and it provided a great discussion on how special God made lizards.

Michelle Nelson – Queen Creek, Arizonia

My family deeply appreciated your excellent book: Why Lizards Wear Tennis Shoes. Using an interesting story line, your well-written text introduces readers of all ages to core character qualities so important in today's world. It sets forth a clear, positive message in a fun way that instructs without being preachy. We also commend you book's excellent art work . . . colorful and striking . . . it gives us all a clear visual presentation of what's going on in the lives of those friendly lizards, Bebe and Poppy. We look forward to the next adventure books in your Bebe and Poppy series.

Bob Chadwick – Pebble Beach, California

Outstanding work for children of all ages . . . I liked its moral under tones.

Eileen Conner – Columbus, Ohio

The Adventures of Bebe and Poppy is a heart warming, captivating story with animal characters who encourage good character traits . . . lots of colorful pictures and details. My son looked forward to the next page to see what was going to happen to the characters . . . a great read for children and adults of all ages . . . looking forward to the next adventures with Bebe and Poppy.

Patti Porter – Matthews, North Carolina

Thank you for writing Why Lizards Wear Tennis Shoes . . . I really like the mean alley cat.

Nate Greene (2nd Grade) – Hollister, California

We are really enjoying "Why Lizards Wear Tennis Shoes." It's a really good book. Thank you for signing it, too . . . that meant a lot. It's a WONDERFUL book . . . Thanks!

Abby Greene (3rd Grade) – Hollister, California

I have just finished reading "Why Lizards Wear Tennis Shoes" . . . purchased a copy to put away for my future grandchildren . . . What a delightful story! The characters are so real that they seem to jump right off of the pages and into the hearts of children of all ages! This is a great beginning of a series. I encourage other parents grandparents and educators to take a look at the whimsical characters that have such a positive story to tell.

Melody Stein – Pacific Grove, California

I absolutely love the story . . . the band-aid on the tail is a stroke of genius . . . already looking forward to the next episode to see how my new found friends cope with a new dilemma. As life is full of misadventures . . . the sooner we learn how to face troubles and move forward . . . the better prepared we are. Obviously, Bebe and Poppy know how to make lemonade out of lemons.

Maria Mann – Wilmington, North Carolina